Brand Monitoring - Cloud90 | Live Social Media Monitoring


Your brand is your image. With 42.4% of the global population online, your online brand is critical to the success of your company.

Cloud90’s team of skilled analysts are online constantly, keeping our eyes on the conversation about your brand giving you a peace of mind.

When listening to the conversations that match your organisation’s goals, we filter out the noise and irrelevant conversations giving you actionable insights for your brand.

dedicated account manager

Your Cloud90 dedicated account manager will be there to advise you each step of the way, whether it’s advising you on the best keywords to use for your brand, providing you with in-depth reports or assisting you with a crisis – we’ve got you covered.

early warning system

Cloud90’s Early Warning System will detect threats to your brand and alert you by SMS or email when you need to take action. Ensuring you get the right information, to the right person at the right time.

Sales Lead Generation

Identifying customers when they’re ready to buy is easy when you’re listening. Cloud90 monitors online conversations about your industry, finding engagement opportunities for your brand and identifying potential sales leads for your product.

Accurate Sentiment Analysis

Software alone can’t structure data or build a story. Cloud90 has paired our digital listening technology and custom built dashboard with the best sentiment analysis tool on the market. People.

influencer identification

Cloud90 can identify your brand influencers and calculate their reach, enabling you to target your marketing and published content to right audience.


Ready Data

Remove organisational silos and democratize your data. Cloud90’s dashboard allows you to  share social intelligence across your business. Users can also export raw, structured data at the touch of a button.

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