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This blog post is an excerpt from our latest white paper “Building a customer-centric social media strategy.” To download the white paper for free, click here. Listen to your customer's conversations

“The first step to understanding your customers is to listen. Your customers are already online, most likely they are contributing to the 1.49billion monthly active Facebook users, the 1billion YouTube users, or the 304million twitter users that exist, according to recent figures.

Digital listening – including listening to social media, online mainstream media, forums and blogs, amongst others – can provide the deepest insights into the behaviour of your customers. According to Mintel, 69% of American consumers seek out advice and opinions on goods and services before purchasing, and 57% of those use social media networks for recommendations.

“Once you start to listen to your customers, a vast amount of valuable insight can be gained. “There are many software providers in the social listening space, including Cloud90, Brandwatch, Salesforce and Sysomos.

If you have experience of writing complex keyword searches and interpreting data yourself, you may look for a software-only listening solution. Depending on the size of your company, you can expect to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week managing your organisation’s social media listening programme.

For large enterprises, social listening could account for 3-5 full-time roles, particularly if you want to be on watch 24/7. “If you do not have social listening expertise in-house, outsourcing your social listening requirements will enable your organisation to focus on its core competencies.

A good social media listening provider will manage the entire process, from keyword development and dashboard setup, through to reporting and providing insight and recommendations for your brand.” If you’d like to find out how Cloud90 can help you listen to your customer’s conversations, contact us today.       






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