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Case Study

tweetSocial Media as an Early Warning System

Crowd validation and Cloud90 verification confirmed that not only online, but all banking systems were down for an international retail banking group.

A tweet sent out of business hours at 9pm one night was verified by Cloud90 and confirmed to be a high priority issue for a client. A technical glitch internally meant that the bank had not been aware of the issue prior to the Cloud90 alert.

This tweet triggered an early warning system, distributing SMS and email alerts to the IT and Corporate Communications teams, signalling the implementation of the bank’s crisis management policy and buying a precious 30 minutes before the world’s media attention turned to the bank.

By tracking consumer and media reaction in real-time, the Corporate Communications team drew from Cloud90 data to inform and shape PR messaging to the press and to their customers.

Real-time reporting enabled the team to share intelligence on the incident and highlight the successful implementation of their crisis management policy.

Through the use of Cloud90, this international banking client is now adept at identifying and responding to potential issues that may arise in social media and have limited the reputational risk by catching issues quickly and responding promptly.

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