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Case Study

Social Media for Investor Relations

As an angry protest group rallied the troops, their Facebook group gained traction and the likelihood of a prolific Fortune 100 company’s AGM being stormed was imminent.

Cloud90 alerted the Head of Investor Relations to the potential threat of strike action outside the AGM’s location as the Facebook group’s support mushroomed between 10pm and 11pm the night before the AGM.

Using Cloud90 data to be made aware of the protest group’s planned action; a decision was made to simply move the time and location of the AGM.

A simple but clever move protected the brand from any unrest amongst the online investor community. Avoiding aggravation and unwanted media attention, and ensuring a smooth, productive meeting for the PLC’s key stakeholders.

Cloud90 real-time intelligence and reporting provides investors and key stakeholders with visibility and transparency of conversations about the brand, share price, stock performance and reaction to preliminary statements or results in real-time.

Equipped with Cloud90’s immediately usable social and online media data, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications teams are informed as to any potential threats or rumours that could impact on share price and stakeholder interests. Enabling real-time awareness, increased understanding and quicker preparation and response times to online and public affairs.

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