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Social Media for Lead Generation

tweet3With over 500 million Tweets sent every day, finding the relevant ones to your industry, product and location is no easy task. Refining the search further to pin point leads for your brand to engage with is a time consuming but rewarding challenge.

Cloud90 generate inbound sales and marketing leads across multiple social and digital networks, finding engagement opportunities suitable for real-time response and follow-up.

Highly competitive industries, such as insurance, often compete strongly on bidding for search advertising. But what about the competition for lead generation on social media?

In the Irish market, Cloud90 successfully identified relevant sales leads for a large insurance broker, based on expressed consumer needs relating to insurance.

Over 5,000 Tweets per month were filtered by Cloud90 and only leads suitable for further engagement were distributed to the clients Digital Marketing team for follow-up.

An impressive average conversion rate of 25% was experienced by the insurance broker and consumers were welcoming of the unprompted assistance.

A digital marketing strategy that narrows the gap between intent and purchase increases the measurable return on investment, as Cloud90 has successfully demonstrated through our vital role our client’s pro-active social media lead generation campaign.

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